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We empower our clients by providing planning and development services.

From the planning of a project to creating the design, obtaining necessary permits, and acquiring construction services - we manage all aspects of the project focused on the owner/resident experience. 


We specialize in assisting clients with a variety of land use planning applications and design-build services for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

We take a collaborative multidisciplinary approach to deliver exceptional projects with integrity and quality care to our clients. Our project team includes urban planners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, general and subcontractors.

What sets us apart is our provincial and municipal experience - administering regulatory environmental compliance, managing development approvals and conducting zoning application reviews by plans examination in building standards. Given this, we actively bring best-practices and hands-on experience to service the project delivery. As a recognized leader in land use planning, we're ready to serve you, as a trusted representative.


We believe in a social purpose that cultivates wellness, for the communities we serve. 
It is here, planning, building, diversity, inclusion, creativity and social responsibility meet.


We understand equitable access to planning,
is access to make informed development decisions within communities.

Within the profession, we serve to empower people and the communities they live in. 





Client -Centered.

Ensuring People Experience Planning and Building Differently. 



Scope of Work Process:

  • Research Analysis

  • Design & Planning 

  • Municipal Approvals / Building Permits

  • Build Project

    We manage the design, planning/zoning approvals, municipal permits and obtain the construction services most suitable for your project needs. We ensure the construction team selected to build the project meets certain quality and reliability standards.

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Design & Construction Services

Design-Build is our project delivery system.

With a client-centered approach, we establish an effective project management team that includes both the design and construction services to deliver on the desired project. 

We practice effective communication between construction professionals - as it is essential to ensure a project is implemented on time and on budget. 

We take pride in providing our clients with quality completed projects, whether scaled small or large.


Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

  • Pre-Zoning Application Reviews

  • Residential

  • Retail/ Commerical/ Office 

  • Industrial/ Employment

    Places of Worship

    Building Permit Applications:
    - change of use, business signage
    - interior/exterior alterations 
    - additions/demolitions

    - hoarding signages

    Residential Building Permit Applications:
    - infill development, custom homes
    - registration of second units, finished basements, below-grade entrances
    - interior/ exterior alterations 
    - renovations, additions, demolitions
    - decks, gazebos, sheds, pergolas, sunrooms, pools, outdoor fireplaces
    - detached garages, driveway widening 


  • Committee of Adjustment /Minor Variance

  • Development Applications

  • Consents and Severances

  • Site Plan Approval

  • Plan of Subdivision

  • Plan of Condominium 

  • Adaptive Re-Use Projects

  • Public Space Incubators

  • Municipal Cemetery Masterplans

  • Planning Rationale & Feasibility Studies

  • Ratepayers & Residents Groups

Whether your project is small or big, we provide a range of services to achieve land use planning solutions for even the most complex projects.

We understand the development process and requirements to secure timely development approvals under the Planning Act.

Building Plans
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Integrity & Quality Care
Owner/Resident Focused  





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We believe in upholding an ethical obligation to act for the benefit of society at large, through environmental, sustainable, pro-bono and direct philanthropic initiatives.

Currently, we're committed to the following civic duties:

  • Mirvish Village/The People's Residence (756 Bathurst Street) Real Estate Committee -Project Team

  • Camille's Place Non-Profit Housing Inc. -Board

  • Peel Regional Police Equity & Inclusion Committee - Chief's Advisory Council

  • United Way Black Community Advisory Council -Board

  • Open Streets Toronto -Programming

  • Jane's Walk Mississauga -Programming



  • Monu Magazine, 2019

  • Novae Res Urbis, 2018

  • Spacing Magazine, 2017

  • CTV Your Morning, 2017 

  • Suburban Poverty, 2016     

  • CBC Here & Now, 2016

  • CBC The Current, 2016

  • TVO The Agenda, 2016

  • Metro Morning, 2016

  • Toronto Star, 2016

 In 2017, Principal  Nicole N. Hanson became the recipient of the Phil Green Award - awarded by the dedicated Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee and city planners with a unanimous vote by Council. 


Hanson holds a combined Honours degree in Political Science and Urban Studies, and a Masters in Environmental Studies (Urban & Regional Planning) from York University. Hanson obtains a certificate in Architectural Blueprint Reading II from Seneca College and the qualification of Legal Process, Powers and Duties of CBO under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

Hanson is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) with the Ontario Professional Planner's Institute (OPPI), and a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). 


  • OPPI Conference: Beyond25 - 2019
    Growth Management:
     Municipal Cemetery Planning for Ontario


  • City of Toronto Staff Lunch & Learn - 2019
    Active Transportation Equity


  • Transportation Equity Toronto - 2019
    Racial Equity and Active Transportation


  • Architectural Conservancy Ontario &
    Toronto Society of Architects - 2018
    Cemetery Urbanism & Architecture


  • The Canadian Association of Planning Students – L’Association Canadienne 2014 des Etudiants en Amenagement et Urbanisme (CAPS-ACEAU)

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